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June 12, 2018
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August 3, 2018
Kuwaiti companies listed on the Dubai market account for almost 70% of foreign listed companies (dual listing).

Kuwait ranks 18th among Dubai’s trade partners, exceeding advanced economies from around the world, including France, Japan, Brazil, and others

Dubai Chamber has recorded a remarkable and unprecedented increase in the number of registered Kuwaiti licenses growing %45 in just one year, representing one of the highest growth rates in this realm.

According to statistics from Dubai Chamber, the number of wholly or partially owned Kuwaiti companies operating in Dubai has grown to more than 1,705 companies.

The number of real estate units owned by Kuwaitis in Dubai is approximately 5,200 units, worth around 15 billion dirhams.

Air carriers operate more than 200 fights a week between the two countries through various airports.

The number of visitors to Dubai from Kuwait is approximately 419 Thousands visitors annually (2016), ranking among the top 10 in Dubai in terms of visitor numbers.

•The number of Kuwaiti employees in the UAE private sector is approximately 151. •The number of Kuwaiti businessmen is approximately 721 investors (a businessman may own or be a partner in one or more establishments and may be partners with others).

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